Graffiti Skateboard Decks

Well I must say…I always though that painting custom sport balls were pretty cool…but man CUSTOM GRAFFITI SKATEBOARD DECKS!!! AMAZING!… We not only customize the product but display them beautifully. This event we also painted some snap back hats for all of their guests also! If your interested or want some more information please contact us today! 22809_10151056280901680_221690438_n 315514_10151056280191680_1495318397_n 66104_10151056281576680_106696968_n 293812_10151056281426680_424738588_n   535927_10151056281191680_439274829_n 644757_10151056281131680_195169385_n 306677_10151056281056680_1909605417_n389544_10151056281226680_1302204701_n577419_10151056281321680_1933540505_n

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