Airgraphics Entertainment

About us

Airgraphics Entertainment hit the Bar/Bat Mitzvah scene about 20 years ago with one artist and a vision to bring “entertainment through the arts” to events. With the help of unbelievable artist and a growing staff Air-graphics Entertainment has become one of the most sought after airbrush teams in the country.

Their expertise in the industry has taken them all around the country, servicing corporate clients like Cingular, Verizon, Home Depot, MTV, Nike, BET, and many, many more. Artwork completed by Airgraphics artist has been featured in various music videos and TV commercials. Their unique designs have inspired department stores like Denny’s, Children’s Wear, and Lester’s to buy their product line.

Airgraphics Entertainment today, has evolved into a full service entertainment company. Where they offer onsite custom photo flavors prepared by graphic design/illustration artists in addition to a plethora of custom entertainment packages that will make any event more memorable? Please feel free to contact Airgraphics Entertainment at any time to discuss your special day In more detail!